Mass Engineers is a Burners Manufacturers in Maharashtra. We are trusted industrial design manufacturers and custom manufacture to meet our customer’s needs. We offer economy and high quality along with seeking advice. In addition, we believe that preventive maintenance should be carried out several times a year, which includes both cleaning the burner and replacing the filters in the ovens. Although there is a big difference between the ovens of more than 10 years ago and those of today, their maintenance will always make them last longer,  that is, keep them in their current professional position. Have your ovens checked regularly!

High-Velocity Burners for Furnaces Replaces Electrical Heating for cost-saving and quality enhancement

1. Churning

2. Circulating

3. Thrusting

4. Penetrating

5. Pulsating

6. Driving

7. Fully Automated

8. Fuel – HSD / kerosene, LPG, NG, BIO, CNG, Oil Diesel Furnace Oil

9. Complete Combustion, Smokeless High-Velocity Short Flame

10. Compatible with On/Off, PID, Multi Input Multi output PLC controller

11. Offers Excellent Uniformity as per API 6 a standard.


All high-temperature automatic Furnaces, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Pot Furnaces, Wire Annealing Etc.

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