Ladle Preheaters


Ladle Preheaters
Ladle Preheaters

Mass Engineers is one of the Ladle Preheaters Manufacturers in Maharashtra. We are experts in ladle preheaters and also with recupeartors with good quality ceramic thermal lining up to temperature 1400 deg C.

Preheaters Fires on Gas/ Oil/ Diesel/ Electrical / Dual Gas and Oil Etc.


  1. Completely indigenized components
  2. High Pressure: No backpressure No Smoke ladle completely close by lid
  3. Gas train System for gas controls and smooth operation
  4. Stainless steel lid with high-temperature ceramic module lining
  5. Motorized or hydraulic up-down system, tilting, Swinging Motion
  6. High Heat Resistance Burner
  7. Temperature Measurement and Control
  8. Nozzles, Electrodes Etc. easily cleaned
  9. Continuous Flame Monitoring
  10. Auto Ignition
  11. Fully Automated (PLC Controlled Optional)


  • Ladle Drying and preheating
  • Ladle Preheating systems are Custom designed and Manufactured by Mass Engineers
  • Any Ladle, Any Fual , Any Position ,
  • Any Metal PLC Programmable System
  • Quick, Smoke Less, Energy Efficient


1.         Ladle completely covered by Insulated lid No Heat Loss

2.         Ladle bottom temperature is higher than top

3.         Auto Ignition Fuel and air on/off Temperature Sensor for Control

4.         Instant preheating to 1000 deg c

5.         Waste Heat Remunerators Pre heat Combustion Air.

6.         All Ladles of foundry Single Preheaters

7.         Motions, Fuel Air Supply Automated With Interlocks.

8.         Single Fuel or Dual Fuel

9.         Various Types of Ladle Preheaters

A.         Small Ladle Preheater 50 to 250 kg

B.         Universal ladle preheater 500 – 2000 Kg

10.       All Round Ladle Preheater 100 to 2000 kg

11.       Giant Ladle preheater 10 mt and above

12.       Scrap Preheater Scrap Preheated In a ladle Before Feeding Induction Furnace.

13.       Customized shape ladle preheater

Ladle Preheaters
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