Rapid Quenching Furnace


Rapid Quenching Furnace
Rapid Quenching Furnace

Mass Engineers is one of the Rapid Quenching Furnace Manufacturers in Maharashtra. We, Mass Engineers Furnace combine innovation and precision, reliability, and performance for each product with quality. We are the leading manufacturers of Rapid Quench Furnace with Fork type manipulators and quenching tanks. Rapid Quenching furnaces are mainly used for the Hardening of Alloy Steel Components and are designed for heavy-duty operation as per the given cycle date and temperature cycle given by clients or operators.

A. Temperature Uniformity: Within +- 5 Deg C inside the furnace Atmosphere during steady soaking

B. Mode of Heating:  LPG / Electrical / Oil Fired

C. Capacity: As per Requirements.

D. Application:  Hardening, tempering, Solution Annealing, Heat Treatment,

As a leading Rapid Quenching Furnace Manufacturer in Miraj. The quench tank medium will be Oil/Water/Polymer. It will be provided with centrifugal-type agitator/oil circulation pumps of adequate capacity along with a recirculation pipe with valves and fittings including a discharge manifold, and nozzles to create forced re-circulation and agitation of quenching oil inside the tank.

As one of the best Rapid Quenching Furnace Manufactures and Exporters from India. Pumps will be located suitably near the quenching tank. In addition to the above charge, support piers/stands will be fixed at the tank bottom equally spaced to the relief machine fork until the charge is retained inside the tank. The quenching tank oil temperature will be maintained at atmospheric temperature, before starting the quenching process. The hot oil in the quench tank (after completion of the quenching process) will be cooled by a water-cooled heat exchanger. The Water quenching has a tank of water with a proper agitation system and timer.

Rapid Quenching Furnace
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